Registered Veterinary Technician

Alex, RVT

alexAlex has been working at Forever Friends for 6 years. He is a Registered Veterinary Technician and also our Hydrotherapist. He has a Newfoundland named Allie, a Bengal named Boomer, a Puggle named Ernie and another cat named Lacy (aka Lazy aka Lazy Bones!). In his free time, Alex enjoys spending time with his daughter and playing Poker. His favorite part of what he does at Forever Friends is seeing the difference that hydrotherapy makes in the life of his patients.

Stephanie, RVT

stephanieStephanie is our Lead Technician at Forever Friends. She has worked in the hospital as a Registered Veterinary Technician for four years, but started out her time with Forever Friends as a Lodging Attendant six years ago. She has Welsh Corgi named Tyson, two Dobermans named Bane and Cyris, a Springer Spaniel named Liv…. And also three cats! In her free time, Stephanie enjoys kayaking, cooking and horseback riding. At Forever Friends, Stephanie loves taking care of all the furry faces and watching them grow. She enjoys giving owners/clients the peace of mind that their “family members” are in the best hands!

Client Service Specialist


janJan has been a client service specialist at both the Hospital and the Pet Care Center for 11 years. She has an 11 year old Labrador named Holly, an 8 year old Calico named Virginia and an 8 year old orange tabby named Maeble. In her free time, Jan enjoys quilting, reading and traveling. She enjoys meeting new clients and pets here at Forever Friends and strengthening the bond she already feels with the “regulars” that have been coming for years! Her bucket list includes visiting all 58 State Parks – so far she’s gotten to 4!


no-imgJerrica currently works at Forever Friends as a Client Service Specialist, although she has worked in the past as a Lodging Attendant as well. She has three dogs: Gizmo, a 6 year old Yorkie, Rudy, a 4 year old Yorkie and Jasper, a 4 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback/Shepherd mix. In her free time, Jerrica loves to sing, play volleyball and play softball. She hopes everyone comes to visit both the Pet Care Center and the Hospital where everyone strives to provide great care for your pets!


jackieJackie has been at Forever Friends since 1994. She started out as part of the reception staff but has since gone into semi-retirement and takes care of data entry. Jackie has two cats named Miss Lilly and Harry P that were dropped off at the hospital as kittens – she raised them and they ended up staying! She also has Jacob her “old man” Lab, Abram the “forever 2 year old” Lab, and a Golden Retriever named Katie who really is Daddy’s Girl. She also has barn cats that were dropped off at her house – Kat, a girlie girl, and Buddy who likes to swing on the porch swing by himself! J In her free time, Jackie enjoys reading, knitting, taking care of her Fairy Garden and learning new things. The thing that has kept her at Forever Friends for so long is the fact that they have such a good crew and a veterinarian that cares! She is married with three children… And has two grandkids, too!

Lodging Attendant

Brandy, Supervisor

brandyBrandy, our Lodging Supervisor, has been with Forever Friends for 9 years. She lives with her husband Ben, two mini dachshunds named Otis and Wendell, and the “baby” of the family: a 150 lb Great Dane named Zeppelin!


chrisChris has been part of the Forever Friends Lodging Team for two years. He has a Lhasa Apso mix named Richard and a Russian Dwarf Hamster named Thomas. In his free time, Chris enjoys making art and playing music! He loves spending time with the animals here at Forever Friends!


jonJon works primarily as a Lodging Attendant taking care of the dogs in the facility, although sometimes you’ll see him covering the Front Desk as well! In his free time, Jon enjoys playing video games and hanging out with friends. He has two great dogs: Bootz, a 7 year old dachshund/terrier mix that loves to sleep, and Lacey, a 3 year old black lab mix that loves to play with dogs of any size. Jon adopted Lacey from Forever Friends after she was found badly injured, and the hospital staff fixed her up! He loves them both and feels lucky to have them. He also is very happy that he has a great job at Forever Friends that allows him to interact with dogs all of the time!


mattMatt has been a Lodging Attendant at Forever Friends for over a year. He has a 2 year old Shepherd mix named Harley – he is a crazy boy who loves daycare at Forever Friends! In his free time, Matt enjoys making and listening to music and playing video games. He hopes to see you and your pets at Forever Friends


skylerSkyler currently lives in Elyria with her girlfriend, their three dogs and one cat. Her pets are her family! They each have their own personality: her cat should be a dog with the way he does things! Skyler has been with Forever Friends for the past two years and is thankful for all of the opportunities she’s been given while working here. Although most of her time has been spent as a Lodging Attendant, Skyler has also been cross training as a veterinary assistant and is thinking about becoming a technician. In her free time, Skyler enjoys walks in the park with the dogs, going on vacations and helping out with anything she can. Her favorite thing about the team at Forever Friends is that they only want one thing: to succeed together!

Pet Stylist


randiAs our Pet Stylist, Randi enjoys making client’s pets look and feel their best. She has been a groomer for over 18 years and has been with Forever Friends for the past 8 years. Before learning her trade, she served in the US NAVY aboard the USS PRAIRIE and the USS JASON stationed in California. Her hobbies include competing in Dock Dogs and Sheepherding with her two border collies Crazy Parker and Admiral Nelson, skydiving and writing music for piano and guitar. Bring your pet to see Randi so they’ll always be in “ship shape” condition!