Fred“Fred sends a huge thank you to Dr. Megan Christy and staff for all your care and love, and mom’s never ending worrisome crazy questions! I feel so good I took mom’s sandwich off the counter today. It was the first time I have been naughty! Mom says she will give me a pass this time. Muuuuhahahaha.”

– The O’Brien Family

“I have been bringing my dog Charlie for swim therapy for several months now. Charlie has a lot of arthritis and we’ve been watching him slowly decline. Medicine was only doing so much so I started looking for more ways to help him. I knew he loved to swim so we thought “let’s try it.” We noticed a difference in his behavior after the first visit! He was “happy” again. He now has better mobility (not so stiff) and good muscle tone. I bring him every other week and he knows where he’s going. He gets so excited on the car ride there and when he gets there he runs right to the door and pretty much demands to be let in. We are so glad we found Forever Friends and Alex. We will keep coming as long as Charlie is happy.”

– Trudy Ryncaerz

“Bailey has been attending swim therapy since she was diagnosed with arthritis and a partial tear in each knee. She was getting weak in the hips and legs. She loves her swim sessions and has gained muscle tone and mobility since starting her sessions in 2012. We have seen a difference with her if we are unable to make our weekly sessions. Alex, Bailey’s swim therapist, and the staff at Forever Friends provide wonderful care and treatment for Bailey. We not only utilize their services for veterinary care but also for grooming and boarding. We feel lucky to have such a facility close to home. Thanks Forever Friends!”

– Joe, Stacie and Bailey

Lola“Our 5 year old lab Lola was having trouble walking and seemed to be in a lot of pain coming from one of her back knees. We brought her to Forever Friends hoping she would enjoy the exercise and possibly see some improvement in her mobility. Alex made her comfortable right away and she can’t wait to go every week. She loves Alex and he knows exactly how long to have her swim in order for her to benefit the most from her session. Her mobility has shown much improvement since she has started the hydro-therapy and we are very happy that we found Forever Friends and Alex.”

– Tiffany, Lola’s owner

tank“Honey Graham’s A Lucky Lady” Hersberger is a 5 year old Pomeranian with a heart of gold and a story that is truly inspirational.

At the age of 2, Honey survived a brutal attack in which she was picked up and violently shaken by a much larger dog. Honey suffered severe nerve damage that left her unable to walk properly or even urinate on her own. The attack left Honey battered and bruised, but her spirits weren’t broken.

Honey gradually adapted to her injuries by using her front legs to ambulate, but her rear limb muscles atrophied as she struggled to walk on her knees. Surgery helped reverse some of the damage to her knees, and a doggie wheel chair was customized for her.

In July of 2009, Honey came to Forever Friends, hoping to again walk on her own. She began regular swimming (hydrotherapy) twice a week, and slowly redeveloped muscle in her back and rear quarters. An exercise balance ball was added to her therapy routine which improved rear limb and core muscle strength.

Week after week, Honey continued to make improvement, gaining strength and control over her bowels and bladder.

Tank is our strapping 100+lb Olde English Buldogge. Tank is a “regular” at Forever Friends, going to daycare every Wednesday and Friday.

Part of his Wednesday routine is a therapeutic swim. Swimming doesn’t come naturally to Tank (definitely not a lab :)), and he has to be encouraged to do it.

Armed with his bright orange life vest, and his buddy Alex, he has been swimming every Wednesday for the last 3 or 4 years. I will often look in to his swim via the Forever Friends website doggy cam.

The trust he has in Alex, and love for him as shown by what Alex can get him to do, and seeing them take a break on the steps with Tanks head on Alex’ shoulder, is amazing to behold. Tank blew out his “knee” a few years ago, and had a bionic equivalent to the ACL put in. With his weight and stature, we think the reason he moves around as well as he does, is his swimming.

Tank knows what days are his “Forever Friends” days, and will usually come upstairs to get us moving to take him. He loves it, and everyone there. Forever Friends has done a lot to make Tank the great dog he is.”