Health Screening TestsHere at Forever Friends Pet Care Center and Hospital, we are proud to offer health-screening tests for our patients.

Many animals suffer from diseases that are prominent in their specific breed. Some of these can be prevented. Other diseases have things that you can do to prevent or slow the disease down if they’re caught early.

One of these diseases is hip dysplasia. Good breeders will test their pets before breeding them to try to minimize the disease. Also, if you know that your pets have a good chance of getting hip dysplasia as they age, you should try to keep them at a healthy weight. Obesity makes the disease much worse.

For this reason, we would be glad to discuss diseases that are more likely to happen to your pets because of their breed. We will do any testing you want to see if your pets have the disease (or a chance of getting it). We will also discuss prevention with you so you can keep your pets as healthy as possible.

If you have any questions about health screenings, feel free to contact us today at 440-926-3231.