Most dogs love hydrotherapy, even breeds not considered natural swimmers. Our veterinarian-supervised staff works hand-in-paw with your pet during her swimming physical therapy in a specially-designed indoor pool. Therapy sessions are customized and carefully planned for each pet. We recommend hydrotherapy for dogs recuperating from joint surgery, back injuries, who have arthritis, or find regular exercise difficult, such as older, overweight dogs.

Veterinary studies confirm health improvement for conditions such as:

  • Post Operative Lameness
  • Arthritis and Joint Problems
  • Spinal and Back Problems
  • Muscle and Nerve Problems
  • Many Mobility Problems
  • Weight Loss

Assistance, Athletic and Show Dogs can benefit from hydrotherapy cross-training, especially in bad weather and during the winter months when weather may restrict normal outdoor exercise.

Establishing a Therapy Plan

poolWe work with your veterinarian to plan an appropriate swimming regimen for your companion. The indoor pool provides a safe place for pets to learn to swim, whether young and fit or older and with health problems.

Swimming can be effectively combined with therapy laser for a treatment program of building and maintaining muscle strength and flexibility and managing pain, in post-surgical periods such as after knee (ACL) surgery and for older dogs with osteoarthritis and neurologic ailments that respond well to these modalities.

Our medical team will work with you to plan the best program for your pet’s specific conditions.

About the Hydrotherapy Pool

The indoor hydrotherapy pool is specially designed to allow easy access and large enough for the therapist to be in the pool with your dog. Water temperature is set at a comfortable swimming temperature, similar to an indoor swimming pool.

We use a gentle, non-irritating cleanser that is safe for both pets and people. The residue-free disinfectant operates through a gentle oxidation process to keep the water fresh and clean for your pet.

About the Therapist

alexAlex Graham, RVT, has been in training as a pet rehabilitation therapist since joining the Forever Friends team in March of 2009. For Alex’s biography, please click here.

Success Story – Water Works!

“Honey Graham’s A Lucky Lady” Hersberger is a 5 year old Pomeranian with a heart of gold and a story that is truly inspirational.

At the age of 2, Honey survived a brutal attack in which she was picked up and violently shaken by a much larger dog. Honey suffered severe nerve damage that left her unable to walk properly or even urinate on her own. The attack left Honey battered and bruised, but her spirits weren’t broken.

Honey gradually adapted to her injuries by using her front legs to ambulate, but her rear limb muscles atrophied as she struggled to walk on her knees. Surgery helped reverse some of the damage to her knees, and a doggie wheel chair was customized for her.

In July of 2009, Honey came to Forever Friends, hoping to again walk on her own. She began regular swimming (hydrotherapy) twice a week, and slowly redeveloped muscle in her back and rear quarters. An exercise balance ball was added to her therapy routine which improved rear limb and core muscle strength.

Week after week, Honey continued to make improvement, gaining strength and control over her bowels and bladder.

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